Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The deadly relationship between government and media

The mainstream media conglomerates in this country are largely to blame for the unrighteous wars we are in, and continue today greatly misinforming the American public in failing to practice proper, unbiased investigative research. In fact it's not even journalism at this point circulating out of the major media outlets, it's charged propaganda with financially backed interests. We are now seeing the early propaganda emerging from Washington and the conservative news outlets about the threat Iran poses to American security, but just like the supposed threat that Iraq posed to our country prior to our invasion in 2003 with phantom weapons of mass destruction leading the way, there is absolutely no evidence to speak of which implicates Iran as a threat to our country. In fact, We are the only threat in this equation, and it's to the stability and liberties of the middle east countries our elitist interests continue to play with and oppress.

I recently viewed a PBS documentary hosted by Bill Moyers entitled "Buying the War", which directly addresses the role of the American media leading up to and through the endorsement of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The documentary addresses how the American media did little research to question the President's insupportable allegations of weapons of mass destruction in justifying the invasion of Iraq, using the President's words as fact enough in place of steadfast research. It is a revealing documentary that sheds a true light onto a reality of American culture that few in this country seem to want to admit, that our media and politics are intertwined in some serious conflicts of interest, fueled by the fires of the deadly force of unregulated capitalism, a system which has afforded those with the most money to have the loudest voice. You can watch the documentary for free by clicking on the link below. It's a must see, especially when considering the insupportable case being made for war with Iran.

Our country is still seriously misinformed about why 9/11 occurred, which is directly a result of our failed media system. I've said it before and I'll say it again. None of the mainstream media outlets have taken the time or care to research our historical past in meddling in the affairs of the Middle East, and this information makes all the difference in the world in understanding why there is friction between the United States and this area of the world. This was never discussed following 9/11 in detial by any of the major media outlets. The media painted a picture of the innocent United States being attacked by mindless and heartless terrorists, a good Vs. bad, black and white representation. The media's sole purpose is to inform the public about truth, and they have failed to fulfill this role in every sense of the way. We are the international terrorists in waging unjustified wars and occupations, but the media simply won't tackle those facts and admit that our country is wrong, and has been for quite some time.

Consider the messages Osama Bin Laden and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently delivered for the world to hear explaining their legitimate gripes against American imperialism, in how our economic interests have harmed the development and stability of their respective countries. Consider how these speeches have been disseminated in this country to the American public. They haven't been. Both speeches have been improperly paraphrased and effectively kept from the citizens of this country, both falsely labeled as fanatic diatribes and laughed off as completely untrue. The American citizens should decide for themselves if the words of these individuals carry any merit and not dependant on the opinion of biased media outlets who pick and choose which points from the speech to highlight and which ones to ignore. It is imperative we understand the viewpoints of our opposition if we are to act in a responsible manner. During Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's address to the United Nations General Assembly earlier this week, the United States delegation including Bush walked out in protest, arrogantly ignoring the viewpoint of a voice we should be paying attention to more now than ever. It simply is no surprise that the American mainstream media has reacted the same. The American propaganda machine is out of control, with our state of democracy in tow. Unless we want to begin WWIII, our media and elite need to be brought back under control. They are the ones declaring war on the world.

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